CPI molds, decorates and utilizes its tube filling capabilities for a unique pipette. The economical pipette provides a versatile means to deliver small volume doses of liquids and pastes of up to 2 cc. The pipette has a tamper evident dispensing tip and reusable friction cap.

CPI’s pipettes are currently used for adhesives, anaerobic, health and beauty items, lubricants and pet dietary supplements.

CPI’s injection molded pipette is available in natural and white, either in low density polyethylene or polypropylene. Decoration is one color offset printing. Black, blue, red, and white caps are available.

The pipettes are a stock item for fast turnaround and are available either as blanks, decorated and/or filled.

CPI’s pipettes are an excellent option for single use, small dose requirements or sample tubes.

FAQS for Pipettes at Custom Pak Illinois

What are CPI’s pipettes?

CPI’s pipettes are unique, injection-molded plastic tubes that combine the functionality of a pipette with the convenience of tube filling. They offer a versatile and economical way to dispense small volume doses of liquids and pastes, typically up to 2 cc. Each pipette features a tamper-evident dispensing tip and a reusable friction cap for added security.

What are the applications of CPI’s pipettes?

CPI’s pipettes are currently used in a wide range of industries and applications, including:
* Adhesives: Ideal for dispensing precise amounts of glue, epoxy, or other adhesives.
* Anaerobic: Perfect for packaging and dispensing anaerobic compounds, which require minimal air exposure.
* Health and beauty: Commonly used for dispensing small doses of creams, lotions, serums, and other personal care products.
* Lubricants: Convenient for packaging and applying lubricants in precise quantities.
* Pet dietary supplements: Perfect for delivering measured doses of liquid or paste supplements to pets.

What materials are CPI’s pipettes made from?

CPI’s pipettes are available in natural or white, either in low-density polyethylene (LDPE) or polypropylene (PP). LDPE is a flexible and cost-effective material, while PP offers better chemical resistance and clarity.

What decoration options are available for CPI’s pipettes?

CPI offers one-color offset printing for customizing your pipettes with logos, brand names, or other designs. Black, blue, red, and white caps are also available to match your branding or product requirements.

Are CPI’s pipettes available in stock?

Yes, CPI’s pipettes are a stock item, ensuring fast turnaround times. You can order them blank, decorated, or pre-filled with your desired liquid or paste.

Are CPI’s pipettes suitable for my specific application?

To determine if CPI’s pipettes are the right fit for your needs, please contact our sales team. They can help you choose the appropriate material, size, and customization options based on your specific product and application requirements.


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