If you are looking for total turnkey programs, single sourcing for packaging components, JIT delivery or any combination thereof, CPI can accommodate you.

CPI utilizes its expertise in tube filling, bottle filling and pouch filling, coupled with its long established worldwide supply chain, to offer its customers high quality, competitively priced Turnkey private label programs. A variety of secondary packaging is available for tubes, bottles and pouches including blister packs, cartons, bags, and displays.

CPI can easily work with your formulations or provide house general purpose and specialty adhesives, lubricants, white oils, greases, graphite and sealants as a part of its special Turnkey packaging program. CPI also has permits from regulatory agencies to package alcohol and pesticide products. CPI’s manufacturing practices also allow it to safely support such products as personal care and animal nutrition items.

CPI will work with you from initial concept and prototype development to Turnkey packaging program roll out. Packaging options and related costs can be generated throughout product development. Graphics can be submitted in Adobe Illustrator and outlined pdf formats.

So, what are you waiting for? CPI can work with you on whatever basis fits your needs for your Turnkey private label. Be it single purchase orders, blanket purchase orders with call offs, blanket purchase orders with varying periodic shipments from CPI stock or long term supply agreements, you name it, and CPI will try to make it work.

FAQs for Turnkey Private Label Programs at Custom Pak Illinois

What is a turnkey private label program?

A turnkey private label program is a comprehensive service offered by Custom Pak Illinois that provides end-to-end solutions for businesses looking to launch their private label products. This service covers everything from product development to packaging and branding, allowing clients to focus on marketing and sales.

What sets Custom Pak Illinois apart in turnkey packaging programs?

Custom Pak Illinois excels in turnkey packaging by offering specialized turnkey contract manufacturing and packaging services in the chemical industry. Our expertise in handling chemical formulations combined with turnkey packaging solutions ensures a seamless process from concept to delivery.

What do full turnkey services include?

Full turnkey services encompass all aspects of product development and packaging. Custom Pak Illinois takes care of formulation, packaging design, labeling, and even distribution. Clients benefit from a one-stop-shop experience, streamlining the private label process.

How can turnkey packaging benefit my business?

Turnkey packaging eliminates the hassle of coordinating multiple suppliers for different aspects of product development. Custom Pak Illinois’ turnkey packaging solutions save time and resources, allowing businesses to bring their private label products to market faster and more efficiently.

Can Custom Pak Illinois customize turnkey programs for specific industries?

Absolutely. Whether you are in the beauty, healthcare, or industrial sector, Custom Pak Illinois tailors turnkey private label programs to meet the unique needs of your industry. Our team is experienced in adapting turnkey solutions to various markets.

Are turnkey packaging solutions cost-effective?

Yes, turnkey packaging is a cost-effective option. By consolidating services under one provider, businesses can reduce costs associated with managing multiple suppliers. Custom Pak Illinois ensures competitive pricing while maintaining high-quality standards.

What steps are involved in the turnkey packaging process?

The turnkey packaging process at Custom Pak Illinois typically involves initial consultation, product formulation, packaging design, quality control, and distribution. Our team guides clients through each step, ensuring a smooth and successful launch of private-label products.

Can existing brands benefit from turnkey private label programs?

Yes, Custom Pak Illinois caters to both new and established brands. Turnkey private label programs can revitalize existing product lines, providing a fresh perspective on branding and packaging to enhance market presence.


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