CPI specializes in filling tubes, bottles and flexible pouches. CPI’s contract tube filling service capabilities include handling low and high viscosity materials ranging from light liquids to high density pastes. Fill sizes range from 0.5 cc to 12 oz. CPI fills plastic, laminate and metal tubes with equal proficiency. Plastic and laminate tubes can be provided with a variety of hang holes. Liquid materials can either be hopper fed or filled with high pressure pumps. Auger or free flow powder fillers can be linked with all tube fillers. Our tube filling service also allows tubes to be coded by embossing the seal area or by using small character ink jet systems.

CPI has also developed proprietary systems and procedures for it contract tube filling services that allow it to accurately fill the most challenging products. CPI is experienced at filling a full range of materials including anaerobic and moisture cures. Our manufacturing practices and sanitation standards allow us to safely handle materials such as pet supplements, children’s toys, cosmetics, and topical lotions as well as adhesives, lubricants, pesticides, polishes, and sealants.

CPI provides tube filling services for either CPI or customer sourced tubes. Secondary packaging for tubes include blister packs, cartons, bags, and displays.

FAQs for Tube Filling Services and Contract Tube Filling at Custom Pak Illinois

What are tube filling services, and how do they benefit businesses?

Tube filling services involve the meticulous process of filling, sealing, and packaging products into tubes. Custom Pak Illinois specializes in providing comprehensive tube filling solutions, enhancing product presentation, prolonging shelf life, and ensuring precise dispensing for a variety of industries.

What sets Custom Pak Illinois apart in the realm of contract tube filling services?

Custom Pak Illinois stands out as a leading provider of contract tube filling services, offering tailored solutions to businesses looking to outsource their tube filling needs. With state-of-the-art facilities and a skilled team, we provide efficient and cost-effective services, ensuring high-quality results for our clients.

Can Custom Pak Illinois handle a diverse range of products for contract tube filling?

Yes, Custom Pak Illinois offers contract tube filling services for an array of products, including creams, gels, ointments, and adhesives. Our versatile equipment accommodates different viscosities and formulations, making us a reliable partner for various industries.

How does contract tube filling contribute to efficient production processes?

Contract tube filling streamlines production processes for businesses by outsourcing the complex task of filling and packaging. This allows companies to focus on core activities, reduce operational complexities, and benefit from Custom Pak Illinois’ expertise in tube filling.

Is Custom Pak Illinois capable of managing both small and large-scale contract tube filling projects?

Absolutely. Custom Pak Illinois is well-equipped to handle contract tube filling projects of all sizes. Whether it’s a small batch or a large-scale production run, our advanced facilities and experienced team ensure efficient and timely completion to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Are contract tube filling services suitable for pharmaceutical products?

Yes, Custom Pak Illinois specializes in contract tube filling services for pharmaceutical products. Our facilities adhere to rigorous quality control measures, ensuring that pharmaceutical items are filled, sealed, and labeled with precision, meeting and exceeding industry standards.


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